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Delphine  &  Darryl

Together with their families
Invite you to their wedding celebration
May 3, 2024
The National Aviary
Our Story

Darryl is a Pittsburgher who loves computers and has a great sense of humor. Delphine is a French Scientist who came to Pittsburgh for work and luckily found love.


They met as today’s couples usually do… on the Internet. They vividly remember their first date. He was waiting nervously on the front steps of Condado Tacos in a shirt he bought specifically for the occasion, she arrived 10 minutes late (as they fashionably do in France) in her favorite leather jacket. They bonded over nachos and margaritas, and even though she insulted his favorite food (referring to Chicago deep dish pizza as a “tomato-based quiche”), he desperately wanted to see her again.


Everything was going well with fantastic dates and beautiful nights out. Until the World locked down. Certainly, working from home was challenge, but it took their relationship to the next level. She spent more and more time at his place and he learned to cook for her. Eventually, they gave up the cute apartment in the city (hers) and moved in together in the suburbs (his).


Living together felt easy (for the most part). From the Bourbon trail all across the Atlantic, they shared cultures and passions. Then, one day, they decided it was time for a bigger family, so they adopted the two most adorable orange kittens, Newton and Galileo (did we mentioned she is a scientist). They started to look for rings, but he wanted it to be a surprise, so he waited just long enough she started to doubt it would happen… and then he sprung it.  He is a romantic, so he wanted it to be perfect, and after three different attempts (Bruges, New York City, and at home on Valentine’s Day) she finally said yes.


And so now, here we are. After four years together, we are thrilled to celebrate with you on May 3rd, 2024. Hope to see you there!

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The Wedding
May 03, 2024, 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM
700 Arch St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212, USA

The ceremony will start at 6:00PM. Reception to follow.

Dress code: Semi-Formal

Getting There


We recommend guests drive or Uber to the National Aviary.
For those driving, you will be able to park for free at the venue parking lot starting at 5:00PM.


For guests looking for accommodations, North Shore and Downtown are convenient locations to stay, within 10 minutes drive or ride. These are some hotels we recommend:


Residence Inn: 574 W General Robinson Street Pittsburgh PA 15212


SpringHill Suites: 223 Federal Street Pittsburgh PA 15212


Hyatt Place: 260 North Shore Drive Pittsburgh PA 15212


Holiday Inn Express: 228 Federal Street Pittsburgh PA 15212


As we join together to celebrate our wedding day, your love and support mean the world to us. If you're considering a gift, we would be honored if you would contribute to our honeymoon fund. Your generosity will help us create unforgettable memories. Contributions can be made in person or through our honeymoon registry at

Thank you for being a part of our special day. We can't wait to see you and share in the celebration

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